‘A’ for Apple, ‘I’ for Village People…

It’s an innate trait of the average human to shift blame and the Nigerian’s favorite scapegoat is “Village People”. Whatever is not palatable can be ascribed to the manipulations and ill intent of your ‘village people’, such that one’s only fault is being a descendant of the place in question.

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New Month, Old Thoughts…

There’s something about the first few days of a new month, they lead to joyful celebrations or sober reflections depending on the part of the calendar they’re under… Happy New Month and welcome to the month of August! It’s somewhat daunting to face the 8month in light of what has been a slow year for most and I can imagine what the self-reflections would be like. I’ve spent the last couple of days zombie-ing around and truth is, today’s piece is more for me than you.

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Beyond Appearances…

Life’s greatest triumphs are the products of overcoming life’s greatest obstacles.
–  Osione Abubakar

Hey guys! Our first post of 2020 (long overdue I know, stop judging 🌚), I’m so pumped!💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 How are you doing this period? I’ve been focusing on spiritual growth, as well as personal growth career wise and health wise to make the most of this grounding at home. A part of me craves to be on the front-lines doing what I swore an oath to do (circumstances beyond my control dictate otherwise), while the other parts are grateful for this hiatus. Continue reading “Beyond Appearances…”

Dear Diary,

I haven’t kept a diary since I got to know how a couple of girls would sneak my diary from under my pillow every night in secondary school (high school), and read it for laughs. I still feel like I did when I found out years ago;  like filthy hands reached into my soul and touched it in intimate ways and violated me… Makes my skin crawl every time and the nausea comes if I dwell just a little longer. Thankfully, I found a way through my ‘Conversations with God’ moments, definitely helped to keep me sane – I mean its two of my favourite things in one; talking to my Father and writing💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻. A win – win situation I daresay. Continue reading “Dear Diary,”

Beyond What You See…

“Having faith is almost never the problem, letting go and being still is..

– Osione Abubakar

A thousand light years seem to have passed😅… Who else agrees that time slows down when you’re being torn into a million pieces? I was musing on pain and the dangers of preconceived notions in hearing from God, as well as the place of restoration/rewards in obedience to God when this piece was born. The choice of the feature image was made cos it fit with the title of this piece – at first glance, my eyes seem shut and it is easy to conclude that they are but looking beyond that initial assumption formed reveals that they are however, not shut… Silly reason for choosing a picture? Maybe not🙃… Continue reading “Beyond What You See…”

Love That Sees

“The irony of the ‘water in a glass’ analogy is how in the struggle to decide whether to see the glass as half full or half empty, we often lose sight of the water in the glass… ”

–  Osione Abubakar

The stars twinkle heartily in the clear night sky above the canopies as the choir raises yet another chorus and the congregation joins in; heads bowed here, hands lifted there, people kneeling, standing and lying down, all with voices raised in one accord – all but one. A lone voice sings a solitary song amidst the throng; its anthem is unique in that it is different, born not just of worship and surrender, but of a yearning to be heard. It is the song of a heart seeking to be seen and heard, a heart lost in the confusion that ignorance brings, believing it’d be heard more clearly by the Father if it sung a different song. Continue reading “Love That Sees”

Sunshine In The Rain

“There’ll always be ‘his side of the story’, ‘her side of the story’, ‘their side of the story’ and so on, but there is only one truth and sometimes, neither side is it.” 

  Osione Abubakar

Hey guys! I’m not as excited as that exclamation mark would have you believe, far from it😔… I’m fighting the fear that I’ll struggle with meeting future rendezvous like all the others I’ve missed in time past. I know the pattern doesn’t have to repeat itself, I’m working on that and will try as much as possible to deliver🙏. No more second bests, no more ‘almosts’🙏🙏. Say a prayer for me to this end and subscribe (it’s free🙃) to receive updates if you haven’t already. The end this year shall be greater than the beginning, you’ll see🙌. Continue reading “Sunshine In The Rain”