The Scent of Flowers💮🌺

I picked myself wearily from the sitting room couch, moving like a broken puppet controlled by childish hands as I made my way into the kitchen. A cursory glance at the wall clock shows it’s a few minutes to Monday’s midnight and I remind myself resignedly that I have to be up before 4am. The […]

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That We Might See

“The beauty of randomness is in the final picture, for like abstracts even the most haphazard strokes add to the wholeness of the masterpiece.” – Osione Abubakar Writing this feels too good 😭😭😭, I have missed the blogosphere and everyone in this little corner of mine. It’s feels like a gazillion years since my last […]

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A Ship Worth Sailing, Or Not…

Hey guys! Guess who’ll be a year older tomorrow!!!!🙋🙋🙋So it’s a day (less than actually 😆) to my birthday and I’m super excited!!! Was musing just the other day on the last couple of years of my life and generally giving thanks when it suddenly hit me, I have some of the most amazing friendships […]

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Laughter, shouts and giggling draw my attention from the riveting story on my phone to the sight of three (3) little children – 2 boys and a girl – the oldest not anywhere above 5yrs of age. They are as naked as naked can be, playing and chasing each other round the big bucket of […]


The Art of Listening…

It’s past 10pm and neither bone numbing exhaustion, drumming of rain on rooftops nor the frenzied howling of the wind can induce sleep or a state of calm. Looking into the night, trying to lose myself in the beauty that is the rain, it’s clear that this unease will not leave – not even in […]

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