God, Man & All Things Life

Hi, you don’t know this but i’m extremely nervous right now, like 11 on a scale of 1 – 10  🙂 . I presume you’re wondering ( or will eventually get around to doing so) why ” God, Man & All Things Life?”, consider this first post the solution to your curiosity, as well as a manual of sorts to the optimum utilization of this blog.

First off, I am a Christian and all that will be done herein shall be in accordance with God’s word and will aim majorly at exhorting and evangelizing. This blog will feature everything within the realms of possibility that pertain to daily life focusing on revealing the truth as there is no middle ground in Christ; wrong or right, true or false, white or black but never shades of grey. Hence the name “aletheia101”, think of it as an euphemism for “uncovering the basic truths” 🙂

Okay, so now that we’ve gotten serious, fear not! Asides our primary articles on God and the Christian life, we’ll have our fair share of recipes, poems, DIYs, boy-girl drama (rolls eyes), book reviews and the like.  I guess you’re starting to realize why the title is near perfection 🙂 . I’m excited and terrified but also eager to begin this journey with you all, so here’s to truth that is free of error/falsehood & immune to change and to all of us who never stop searching for and accepting it.



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