Those Little “Dismissible” Struggles

Ohayo! Imagine my shock when I discovered that “otaku” is actually a derogratory term, nevertheless lets leave anime for another day. So I’d typed a long epistle already and was at the conclusion when viola!!!!, my laptop went off (*sighs).  Today seems to have a lot of surprises in store for me.

Sometime past dawn, I was going through a couple of amazing blogs and getting severe doses of low-self esteem (lol) when I began to ponder on whether my lil ‘ol blog would be appealing to mankind. Its no secret that there are numerous concepts more exciting than a “God-centered” blog and have you seen my first post and “about” page? *wheew, talk about screaming God.

There I was fretting about how religious my content was, if anyone would be convinced to sign up and the various ways I could revise my content to be more appealing (eliminating most of the God talk for later), when it suddenly hit me (as hard as a death blow from a gladiator’s battle axe) that what I was doing was tantamount to denying God.

With those little thoughts (thankfully, they stopped at thoughts), I was screaming insecurity in my place as a Christian. I was telling God that I valued social acceptance more than proclaiming him. With every stray thought and breath hitched in apprehension, I was denying God’s soverignty and basing my success on my own capabilities.

More often than not, we concede these seemingly insignificant battles which arise in our lives. We face them daily and daily the enemy counts his winnings. These battles are not ‘sins’ like cheating or murder or blasphemy but still require an answer to the fundamental questions of who God is to you and what you ought to do about it. We face these battles each time we have to feel awkward about not wearing a certain clothing item, explaining why certain words will not be used, why we can’t engage in some “harmless” practices and the like. In situations as harmless as signing off 18:00 on the time book for a colleague who left at 16:00, we face these struggles.

Sadly, for most it isn’t even counted as a struggle anymore, but thank God for his mercies and enlightenment. The truth sought to be hidden from us by the devil is the fact that with each “dismissible” battle lost, the foundation for losing the war gains another mortared block. For every compromise made, we slip a little farther into the pit that soon sends us swirling in a whirlwind of personal and spiritual degradation. Its a battle for our faith, questioning all that we believe in and profess.

These little decisions count, these “permissible” compromises hold more ground than you think. Your greatest enemy remains yourself and the needs that drive you. Remember, “every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed” (James 1:14 – KJV).

Its not just the big temptations that count in the fight for our faith, let’s strive to win the little ones too.

 じゃあね Ja ne


4 thoughts on “Those Little “Dismissible” Struggles

  1. Really lovely. I understand how you felt. Sometimes I get that feeling to compromise or not put God in things I do publicly because I think people would see me and I want to be socially accepted. I felt like not mentioning God or christian-related things on my blog but as I was reading some blogs on WordPress, I was impressed how some combined God in their writings and were not ashamed. It gave me the courage I needed to feel free to write about God when I feel like and how I feel like.
    What am I saying? Sometimes when you feel that way, know you are not alone. A lot of bloggers are Christians and are doing well. BTW I visited your blog because of the name and after reading the about page, I just knew I needed to follow, so you see, people really want to read about these things.
    Lol… This comment is so long and I’m not even done talking but I’ll end here.

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