Pancakes and Offerings

Ho! Ho! Ho! I’ve always found Santa’s laugh eerie, especially for a red clad man who picks the witching hour for his work time. Think about it, red and white, clanging bells, darkness all around and the spine chilling laugh as he flits from chimney to chimney…

Enough with my wandering fancy, happy Sunday folks and top of the day to you! Was sorting out money last night for supper when I realized that for what I craved, I would spend all the cash on me, leaving me “offeringless” ( 🙂 ) for church today. Needless to say, thanks to my wide superego, I had to forgo my cravings but not before the scenario ignited an avalanche of diverse situations that could lead to one being offeringless.

I don’t know who else has had this encounter in college or university or other areas of life, where someone approaches for financial help on a Saturday night and your reply is “sorry, the only money I have on me is my offering for tomorrow”. Maybe on a different note, you didn’t say it out loud but even as you offered your apologies with regards to your lack of funds, you thought to yourself about how you would have helped but all you have is Sunday’s offering.

We see our offering as ‘sacred’, belonging to God and while that in itself is a good thing, we’ve become extremist and as such have lost focus of what matters. So, we send away empty handed one in need because we must give to God what belongs to God, but I ask “What is the most acceptable offering?”.  Money given at the cost of a life or money given to help a life?

Let us not be blinded by the mystery of the divine that we fail to recognize the simplicity of its workings. I put it to you today, that it is better to pay for a hungry man’s bread than to put the money into the offering tray, for what manner of love is it that leaves a person to starve for the justification of his own self righteousness? We must understand that the offering of help to those around us greatly exceeds whatever monetary offerings one can deign to give.

Now that we’ve cleared the air on offerings, lets talk pancakes!!! I insist that food is an important key to understanding God’s love for us (lol!!). I mean think about it, only a loving God will make provision for pancakes, omelettes, sauces, stews, spices and all the good things that make kitchens fun 🙂 (I dare you to disagree). Pancakes and everyday go hand in hand, so for all the pancake lovers here’s a little tip to “un-stick” that pan that keeps ruining all your pancake experiences.

  1. If you know you’ll be having pancakes in the morning, the night before just pour in oil into the troublesome pan (enough to fry ripe plantain) and heat it up. Leave the oil in the pan overnight, pour it all out prior to starting the frying and enjoy!
  2. For spontaneous pancake making during the day, pour oil into the pan (as in no. 1) and heat it up. Leave the oil in the pan while you mix up your batter and pour it out only when you’re ready to start frying.

P/S: let me know if you’re interested in recipes, the only thing better than pancake is pancake with a little extra something 🙂 . Ciao.


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