Sunshine In The Rain

“There’ll always be ‘his side of the story’, ‘her side of the story’, ‘their side of the story’ and so on, but there is only one truth and sometimes, neither side is it.” 

  Osione Abubakar

Hey guys! I’m not as excited as that exclamation mark would have you believe, far from it😔… I’m fighting the fear that I’ll struggle with meeting future rendezvous like all the others I’ve missed in time past. I know the pattern doesn’t have to repeat itself, I’m working on that and will try as much as possible to deliver🙏. No more second bests, no more ‘almosts’🙏🙏. Say a prayer for me to this end and subscribe (it’s free🙃) to receive updates if you haven’t already. The end this year shall be greater than the beginning, you’ll see🙌.

So, it’s the 6th of July and the month of June is one I’d not forget in a hurry, it wasn’t rife with drama (mostly🤫) like other exhausting months, what it had was a lot of ‘me facing up to my inadequacies’, learning to forgive myself and to move forward. It was also a month that heralded a world of hurt to people I care about and that is never something to relish🤧. Still, it was a good month.

I don’t want to talk about June, perhaps I could just focus on the lessons? That makes for way better storytelling anyway. Here it goes; I’ve learnt how to say ‘NO’ and make it known (where necessary) when I’m not comfortable with a thing. It’s freeing to not have to be subjected to unpleasantness and filth under the guise of jokes and interpersonal relations, or being taken advantage of. Scripture talks about saying NO and meaning it, acknowledging the fact that there is a time for ‘yes’ and a time for ‘no’, for it is only a fool that agrees or submits to everything.

Before now, I confused saying no with being rude or unsympathetic, putting myself in a lot of untoward situations that had the Holy Spirit giving me the eye…

Needless to say, I’ve been learning that ‘yes’ and ‘no’ are not automatically ‘good’ and ‘evil’, they are simply what they are and that either one can be right or wrong depending on the circumstances.

“But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one.”
Matthew 5:37 (NKJV)

“But above all, my brethren, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or with any other oath. But let your “Yes” be “Yes,” and your “No,” “No,” lest you fall into judgment.”
James 5:12 (NKJV)

That aside, I’ve struggled with the fear of not completing a thing or simply being average at it and this has led me to not take action one too many times, especially in relation to my artsy gifts. This wasn’t from the basis of perfectionism, no, this was a fear of not measuring up to the task and not being good enough. I’ve learnt in the past month and I’m still learning, that my best is good enough at every time. I experienced firsthand the lesson that the one who fails is the one who never began in the first place. I’ve missed a lot of opportunities to stretch myself over the years because I failed to act, fearing that I wouldn’t be good enough, discarding a lot of “light bulb” moments that may just have produced amazing results. Way too often I’ve been prompted in my spirit to do a thing and shied away from it, on a few occasions I’ve seen the unpleasant results of the ripple effect.

So, I’m focused more on walking in the light of the knowledge that whatever I do will prosper and that when I commit my plans and works to God, he makes them come to fruition. Mostly, I’m learning all over again how it’s all him and not me. Whatever I find to do is not the source for the fulfillment of any dream, goal or vision, God is the source. Too many times, we fret and worry about where ‘this’ and ‘that’ will come from, or how ‘this’ or ‘that’ will come to be, we worry because what we see does not tally – focusing so much on the channel that we forget the source; our Abba, Jehovah Jireh. We need to remind ourselves to separate ‘channel’ from ‘source’.

Channel = wherever provision comes through e.g. person sending random money you’ve been praying for
Source = God

Commit your works to the Lord [submit and trust them to Him], And your plans will succeed [if you respond to His will and guidance].

“And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.
Deuteronomy 8:18 (NKJV)

I’m also learning to forgive myself in the light of my shortcomings and coming to walk more purposefully in my relationship with the Godhead. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve been learning.

This is a sneak peek into what June was like for me, I believe the most important lesson I learned was every lesson I learned 😅… In the spirit of thanksgiving (tomorrow’s the first Sunday of July after all 😎), make a table and on one side, write a challenge you had last month and on the other side, write something(s) you’re thankful for from that challenge and because of that challenge. Write until you exhaust the list of challenges and trials you went through in June, and don’t fail to give thanks to the Father when you’re done with the gratitude part of the list. Shalom.

Thank you for staying until the end 😊 and for leaving your subscriptions for notifications, words cannot describe how much it means to me, arigatou gozaimasu🙌🤗. Aletheia101: God, Man and All Things Life is back and will stay 😊, I do hope you continue to honour us with your presence.

If you’re new here, welcome and thank you 🤗🤗🤗. We’re a joyful lot in this part of the blogosphere🥴😋, constantly growing in the knowledge of the Father in some of the most fun ways ever🤸🤸🤸. Do well to subscribe (it’s free) via the follow button or via email to get updates on new posts. Our rendezvous are every Saturday, so long as chocolate still exists 😁🤤.

Hey guys, don’t forget to Share, like and post your comments, I’d love to learn from your June lessons and hear your thoughts/contributions towards mine. Until next time, ja ne.

9 thoughts on “Sunshine In The Rain

    1. I’ve always said altruism will be the end of me. This here is so personal to me, like I was reading my story. And I think the most important lesson here for me are lessons you’ve learned😂😂. I hope to have a progress report by next month. Gracias🙏


  1. Great idea well shared. The world is either turning from God or fluctuating in His trust. To our man in track is to share articles like this with aesthetic truth. God bless you.
    And remember, checking your challenges and victories should be on monthly basis.
    Truly, it is God that gives power to make wealth.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Nice article and a timely lesson to learn I believe.
    I have never been altruistic enough to struggle with saying no to people. There are only a handful of people in my life I have that struggle with.
    There is the African proverb that says that “ na who get blood Dey donate blood”
    My biggest struggle in the month of June is the inadequacy of multitasking staring at me in the eyes with the multiple things calling for my attention in my life currently. I however learnt that I just never try enough

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a tough one, I do not envy you at all 😪 I’m still working on that multitasking issue as well and owning up to the fact that I honestly do not do it as well as I like to believe 😅. Little drops of water though 😉

      Thank you for sharing 🤗


  3. Gratitude, learning from not so pleasant seasons and situations, putting behind fears of inadequacies 😭😭😭.

    I learnt to say no graciously after reading Breaking Controlling Powers. I can’t remember the author now. But I haven’t had to be in as much fix as I used to when my answer to requests convenient or inconvenient was Yes and I feel way better. The initial guilt of oh I let someone down is still there but I Know it’s way better than the regrets of entering into commitments I can’t fufil

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right? Not meeting commitments leaves you in a worse place than turning them down.

      I’m definitely going to search for the ‘Breaking Controlling Powers’ book, sounds like a good read.

      Thank you for stopping by Tola🤗


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