I am a Christian deeply in love with her God who got “born again” and began to develop a relationship with God in 2012. I do not believe that Christians will not know pain and I do not believe in “shades of grey”, all things fall under one of two categories; Godly or ungodly, right or wrong but never in-between. I also believe that I do not know it all and that everything revealed in God’s word has a practical application in daily life.  I try to obey God’s will and pray that he continues to help me stand for and in him daily.

I am a teacher, writer, book lover, food & hair enthusiast, collector of anime, night lights connoisseur and the craziest MelChol you’ll ever know.


aletheia101.wordpress.com  aims primarily to bridge the gap between spirituality and our daily lives. Too many times, I have seen Christians separate God from their daily lives, turning Christianity into a ‘church premises only’ affair, making it easier for such to lead unscriptural lives.

this blog will not just reveal scriptural truths, but will tie them to the practicalities of every day life, showing clearly how God’s words ought to affect the way we live, think and go about our business. Such that one will come to be able to see God in all they do, whether it be preaching the word or eating a hearty meal.


Comments will not be censored as I trust that all who come here are wise enough to desist from the idiocy of  abusive name calling, racist, sexist or anti-christian comments and the like. PLS use of foul language should be at the barest minimum.  Corrections are of course welcome and insults will be ignored.


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