Leap of Faith…

It’s quarter past 5pm, I feel refreshed after a few rounds of not-so-random workouts needed to fill in some information with a trainer and a really long bath. Refreshed, yet tense, one of those rare moments were working-out isn’t therapeutic to my mind, for the only answer is to do that which I’d been running from. You see, it’s exactly 1-month, 3-weeks and 5-days since I last wrote, mostly because I’d let my tendency to run away from confrontation take charge. Every day I remembered a missed update, I’d start to worry so much about missing commitments and subsequently overwhelm myself with the feelings of inadequacy that arose, effectively stifling my ability to do any productive writing. Continue reading “Leap of Faith…”

Dancing In The Rain, Or Lack Of It…

The soothing scents of musty air and cold winds is noticeably absent from the atmosphere, alongside the surreal calm and festive spirit that hitherto seem tangible enough to touch. The nights are a mockery of cold and the heat still rules the day; head-warmers and mittens, mufflers and scarves, gloves and socks, all have no place in what is but a shadow of my favorite time of the year. Continue reading “Dancing In The Rain, Or Lack Of It…”

An Endless Journey…

Hey hey, its been a really long while since our last rendezvous, partly because of circumstances beyond my control but also due to circumstances I refused to control and for both I am truly sorry. Forgive a girl for giving in to the cares of life and not defining priorities rightly for a brief period 😫, I do hope this finds you all well though 😊 and I would love to know what has happened in the time I’ve been gone, both in the blogosphere and your daily lives; feel free to mention them in the comment section. Continue reading “An Endless Journey…”

One of those days… or months😶…

This is one of those times where I wish this were a vlog😥 seeing as I’d honestly rather just talk but Google’s speech-text function isn’t all that 😖

I’m stuck on another unplanned trip and realising that there are worse things than getting stuck without your Bible (remember the April incident?😁 Click here). What could be worse? Well, for me that’ll be getting stuck without my laptop, journals or compete toiletries and with only 3 changes of clothes😥 Continue reading “One of those days… or months😶…”

The Scent of Flowers💮🌺

I picked myself wearily from the sitting room couch, moving like a broken puppet controlled by childish hands as I made my way into the kitchen. A cursory glance at the wall clock shows it’s a few minutes to Monday’s midnight and I remind myself resignedly that I have to be up before 4am. The aroma of freshly baked cake washes over me as I open the kitchen door and everything suddenly feels fine, my mind and body are revitalised and I feel such contentment; aromatherapy in its best form yet.

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He held me, he didn’t let go…

Hey hey!!! I’m typing this sometime past 10pm (22mins by my time) and hopefully I can put it up before 12am, that way it’s still a Saturday post 🙏. Sooooooooooo, I found myself on a journey once more and unlike in April I came with my bible (whoop! whoop! 💃💃💃), it has also led to my discovery of the limitations of being actively Christian in a Muslim community 😥. I’ve come to appreciate better the circumstances of persons in anti-Christian areas, I’m with family (more or less) and it’s crazy, I shudder at what our brethren have to go through. Continue reading “He held me, he didn’t let go…”

That We Might See

“The beauty of randomness is in the final picture, for like abstracts even the most haphazard strokes add to the wholeness of the masterpiece.”
– Osione Abubakar

Writing this feels too good 😭😭😭, I have missed the blogosphere and everyone in this little corner of mine. It’s feels like a gazillion years since my last post 😥, a long hiatus caused in part by circumstances beyond my control (mostly tech. wise) and furthered by circumstances I refused to control 😫🙈. I apologise for expectations unmet and every Saturday rendezvous not kept; gomennasai 🙇🙏 Continue reading “That We Might See”

Reflections, Musings and Something With No Name

Ohayo!!! So I had this whole serious ‘faith’ thing in store for today, I mean I’ve been doing a series of studies on the topic and you know how it is when you are given new understandings you’re just bubbling to share. However, for some reason I find my self doing reflections, musings and whatever exactly this whole bunch of randoms are😩 hehehe, I should probably muse on faith😏 😁 that wouldn’t be rebellion right?

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Laughter, shouts and giggling draw my attention from the riveting story on my phone to the sight of three (3) little children – 2 boys and a girl – the oldest not anywhere above 5yrs of age. They are as naked as naked can be, playing and chasing each other round the big bucket of water that was surely meant to be for cleansing. They have no care, are unperturbed by the stares of passersby; amusement, disdain or appreciation of their actions being of no concern to them and with the innocence only babes can so easily bear, they are unashamed.

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